March 26, 2019

NDRA: Asma. UNHCR: Abdikadir Mahad. NRC: Khadar. ARC: Abdirahman Abdillahi & Hodan Abduillahi


This joined mission assessment was led by NDRA along with UNHCR, ARC, and. NRC The persistence of the mission was to discover the current situations that repeatedly dispute which keeps on recurring between the Landowners and the current IDPs who are located in Istanbul IDP Camp in Hargeisa.

Purpose of the visit:

The main reason of this joined visit was to identify and find a comment ground solution also for NRC, UNHCR, ARC, and NDRA to be the mediators between both parties by been the third party to assess and find a form of negations for and find a resolution or find a way forward.

In addition to this, the participants of this joined mission assessment which conducted on Tuesday 26 of March 2019 below are the list of committees which we have interviewed on behalf of the IDP members  and Landowners to have a sense of understanding also to address the current emergency crisis’s that the IPDs are facing due to the landlords wanting to retrieve their lands back and will take whatever action that is possible to reclaim their land back :

  1. Amal the key spoke person of the Land owners
  2. Nimco Jibral- Deputy Camp Coordination and Camp manager,
  3. Deeq Buurale- Community Member
  4. Ahmed Ali- IDP Community Member
  5. Kadiya Husain –IDP Community Member
  6. Ruun O’Hassan-IDP Community member


Today, aim was for the NGOs and government members to find a justice between the constant conflict for the past 9 years between the landowners of Istanbul and IDPs similarly, to listen to both partners equally as the situation was extremally tense when we arrived at the IDP Camp. Both partners were exceptionally angry and frustrated at each other also were verbally abusive although members of the IDPs surrounded the landowner and were yelling at her when we go there.

While, their hindrance wasn’t to verbally abuse towards her but they were fed-up with the continuous backlash from all of the landowners who had physically threating them that they will not only evict correspondingly demolish their homes within the era that we stand.

At the same time, the crowed was getting larger and larger we could witness the emotions running high and neither side had refused to backdown fortunately the land owner, camp deputy manager and other


community vocal person along with the NGO partners and NDRA had found a quite location to conduct the interviews in order to find a resolution.  Even though, all of the land owners weren’t at present at the site but apart from one land owner who requested the current IDPs who is occupying her site wanted to evict the family members who are a resident. However, we had interviewed the key IDPs spoke persons and couple of the camp residents about their historical trend of settlements, current situation, the fear they faced and the immediate challenges that they are facing which needed to be addressed. On the other hand, we have also interviewed Amal who was among the owners of the land.


Interviewed 2 key members 

Amaal Nooh

Land owner

“My name is Amal and I’m the key spoke person of the same of the land owners who have requested me to speak on their behalf as they are not here with us today who are also, returning to their homeland and need their land back at Istanbul IDPs camp in Hargeisa. I am addressing you all while the government members and NGOs are at present that we need our land back and there will be no reconciliation or compressing for me to allow the IDPs to be a resident in this land not a mint let alone an hour for the IDPs to remain at this location. We have been extraordinarily patient for the past 9 years and had verbally informed the IDPs Camp Management repeatedly intreated for them to spare the land over the past years but it felt like we were speaking to deaf ears. Today I have brought the constructions to demolish their Buuls and my decision is as final we have given them   million of timeframe for the IDPs to relocate elsewhere.”


Nimco Jabril

Deputy Camp Manager

As the deputy camp manager first and foremost I would like to thank and show huge appreciations to Amal and other land owners who have been outstandingly patient over the past couple of years that allowed has to find shelter and to restore hope that we have a place to call home. We do understand your irritation and anger towards us for sure you are all entitled to gain your land back.

We urge our government to give us a land we are physically, mentally, emotionally and socially drained of the continuous banging and daily been verbally voiced that there is no place for us here. All of the IDPs members they all feel hopeless, with no power.

We plead with you to help us, at this moment we can leave without water, food, NFI/KITs although we need them as well but being homeless is all of our nightmares.”


After carefully long negotiations with the land owner and members of IDPs we have found a salutation despite ARC,UNHCR, DDRA and NRC was not aware of the current land conflict moreover, we had plead with the land owner to gives as sometime, even though, she had refused had first but after long reconciliation she has given us 4 days for the IDPs to be removed form the location from todays date which is the 26.March 2019.


This picture illustrates members of NRC addressing the panel to find a way forward and kindly requesting the landowner to give us time now that we are all aware of the matter.




On the other hand, the picture overhead also demonstrates both UNHCR and ARC staff members have beseeched for both IDPs and the landowners to find a common ground for them to find a resolution. While we have NDRA who are from the government also to give a time, which then the landowner has agreed to give us until the 30th of March 2019.





February 27, 2019

UNHCR: Abdikadir Mahad. NDRA: Mohamoud Yusuf.  NRC: Khadar Hussein. ARC: Abdirahman Abdillahi & Saed Abdi Jama.


Following the reports of two burnings in the Naasa-Hablood IDP site in Hargeisa, NDRA, UNHCR, ARC and NRC accomplished a joint assessment mission on the site to assess the destruction, meet with the family heads of the HH victims, interview the IDP leaders and community members on the fire and the damage it brought and also oversee the protection concerns that resulted due to the fire.


The team paid a physical visit to the site affected by the fire (as shown on the below photos), witnessed the fire damages, met with the villages gate keepers, and talked to some of the families affected by fire on why and when did the incident happened.

The team found out that 12 households lost their temporary shelters in the fire. 5 households were also affected by the fire and lost their shelter. Together 17 families has been a victim of that fire, which has happened on the morning and the night of the 15th of this month. Among the 17 families being affected by the fire, 2 of them are medically not feeling well and have diabetics.

The fire had an impact on the other residents and brought them fear that caused for them to run with their lives. The Naasa-Hablood IDP in Hargeisa is a vast one, inhabited by many households, in which if a fire rises, it can quickly spread and bring a greater damage. UNHCR and partners must explore easier ways of mitigating measures to avoid repetitive and further damages.


On the basis of the joint assessment carried out by the members, below is the key and major emergency needs of the affected households in the Naasa-hablood IDP;

  1. Emergency temporary shelters
  2. NFI kits
  3. WASH facilities, latrines, hand washing facilities etc.