NDRA and SOS together Interviewed the Mother with her three daughters inside the office of NDRA..ReadMore

The National Displacement and Refugee Agency #NDRA had supported poor family with the help of SOS particularly children unit in which a poor family consisting of 8 children and their mother are met in Hargeisa, in which 7 of them are fatherless, the youngest children‘s father and mother has been separated after birth.
All the children are girls. The elder daughter is 14 year old. The above- mentioned girls never go to school, or Islamic studies due to lack of financial.
The family suffered difficult times when they were evicted for rent houses reasons because they were unable to pay the rent and school fee.
After that NDRA collected deeply the circumstance of the family and they get the real needs of their current situation after visiting their home.
The IDP department of NDRA keeping in mind the responsibility of vulnerable people has made them
Advocacy and lobbying after contacting SOS particular children unit who espically concern the safety of the vulnerable children.
NDRA and SOS together interviewed the mother with her three daughters inside the office of NDRA.
After the interview #NDRA and #SOS jointly visited their habitat to see the existing situation of the family.
The action point agreed to assist the vulnerable family is written below.
1. To support the rent of the house to forget the eviction.
2. To pay the school fee of the daughters.
3. Assistance of uniform fee.
Mother fartuun Mohamed mukhtaar is greatly acknowledges both NDRA and SOS for their emergency humanitarian response in which they have supported


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